Statement by the artist: 

"My landscape collages are primarily abstract in concept, however I try to give a viewer a sense of experiencing nature. The collages do not reproduce specific locals but find equivalents for the memories of certain beaches, lakes and fields. I recall the pebbles on a beach or the glint of light on a hillside; a collage may have its genesis there. A work can be read simultaneously as flat abstract compositions or as views of mountains or shorelines. The use of advancing or receding colors, contrasting shapes and small textural details, evoke clusters of people, grass, waves or structures. I combine handmade and oriental papers with paper that I paint with acrylics, in order to suggest land, water or sky. I aim to show a varied sense of time, seasons and emotions in these works."


Except as noted, all works are collage on paper, using painted and oriental handmade papers. 






Images of early paintings

available on request.